More Power, Please!

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Now available in Canada: Europe's favourite motorcycle engine performance upgrade!

  • MotoPowerMap in North Vancouver BC is the only North American reseller for the renowned Hilltop Motorcycles Ltd. dyno-perfected ECU management software, enjoyed by thousands of riders in the UK and Europe.
  • In under an hour and for about the cost of a tuneup, you’ll have a more powerful, smoother, more responsive bike.
  • An ECU software upgrade is the fastest, simplest, most cost-effective engine upgrade you can buy: no extended shop visits, no disassembly, no downtime, no hassle. You’ll be back on the road in under an hour, riding the bike of your dreams!
  • You’ll love the way your transformed bike performs: more silky smooth power all through the power band, with a throttle response so immediate, and linear you’ll think it’s clairvoyant!
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