What sort of power gains can I expect?

This depends on a number of factors that interact to affect the final result; what changes you have made from standard specification (exhaust, air filter etc.), how well the original factory program works on your particular bike (you’d be amazed at the differences in the torque and power curves of two supposedly identical stock bikes), how good the original factory software is in the first place (some is awful, some is actually pretty good), and so on. We won’t quote numbers without actually running your bike on a dyno but it’s safe to say that you will enjoy a significant increase.

Will my warranty be affected?

No. We are unique in that our work is invisible to manufacturers and dealers.

Will I lose my remap if the dealer overwrites my ECU?

No. You will only lose your remap if the dealer changes your ECU for a new one.

How will the life of my engine be affected?

Given how lean most modern bikes run your engine life should actually be increased by the reprogramming. The little bit of extra fuel we put in helps to soak up heat inside the engine and carry it away out of the exhaust where it belongs. This action reduces wear.  We don’t go anywhere near the limit of what we could to with tuning so we are not ‘over stressing’ your engine.

What is it that you actually do?

We write engine management software. This is not the same thing as remapping, which is the hacking of the original manufacturer software. Our software goes onto the ECU and integrates with (but does not disturb) the original software. We allow some functions of the original software to continue undisturbed (e.g. ABS braking management, immobiliser, traction control etc.) but we take over some functions (typically we modify fuelling and ignition timing). Our way of doing things has considerable advantages:

   - It means we will not break an ECU by corrupting the original software.

   - It means our work is invisible to the manufacturer and their dealers, so customer warranty isn’t affected.

   - It means our work cannot be overwritten if the customer goes into their dealer and the dealer applies a software update.

The original manufacturer software varies in quality - some manufacturers write good software and some do not. By writing our own software we can get much better results than by hacking bad manufacturer software. All our software is optimized on our own dynamometer.

If I change my exhaust or air filter will I need the upgrade done again?

No, our software is unique in that it is self-learning to a degree. This means that you can change exhaust or air filter and the fuelling will adapt.

I’ve got a power commander/rapid bike/bazinga box – do you map these?

No. You will need to remove or bypass any aftermarket unit. We work directly on the stock ECU.

How can you remap bikes that nobody else can do?

Because we don’t work like anybody else. We are software developers, they are remappers. They mess about with the standard software, we write our own.

Can I remove your software if I want to?

Yes, our software can be removed, although we can't imagine why you'd want to! We charge for the time involved in removing the software.

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