ECU Performance software for your BMW, Ducati, KTM, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Triumph motorcycle

“The beast is alive!  WOW, very impressive new ride.  Stronger throttle response across the rev range, especially low and mid range.  Pulls strong in every gear.  Very difficult to lug the motor as it responds to throttle input almost instantly.  Seems to want to run to redline without any effort, with no drop off in power. 

Thanks again for this.  Simply amazing and really quick to exceed the speed limit. Not that that is a bad thing.”   Marcus Schack, North Vancouver BC.  2005 BMW R1200 ST

"With the first twist of the throttle on my 2009 BMW R1200RT after installing the ECU performance software,  I flashed on the famous restaurant scene from ‘When Harry Met Sally': Meg Ryan as Sally launches into a crescendo of faux over-the-top ecstatic moans—then screams—of pleasure.  A perfect comic beat later, a middle-aged woman at the next table blurts out: “I’ll have what she’s having!!”

While no one expects an R1200RT to invoke this kind of unbridled giddiness in the twisties or straightaways, Motopowermap's reprogramming of the bike's ECU takes this ‘sensible shoes’ bike and transforms it into Dorothy’s ruby slippers. Toto, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore! The ECU software opens the bike up to what it should be: a stallion at full gallop, with plenty of sprint and no hesitation to pull ahead at full steam in any gear. 

For comparison, I have a stock ’05 RT fitted with a Booster Plug which, instead of providing a complete re-alignment of fuel supply and timing, simply ‘cheats’ the 02 and air temp circuit to effectively add 5% enrichment across the board. While the Booster Plug indeed cures the off-idle stumbling, cold starts, and midrange power flat spots, the bike still feels restrained, albeit smoother. The Motopowermap software provides a whole other experience: Gone are the fuel-starved "choking" sounds and knocking at off-idle and hard acceleration. Gone is the hesitation. What remains is pure on-demand power in ANY gear, up to redline. It really is that astonishingly different; inline 4 kind of different. The difference is amazing!

Installation was "while-u-wait" in Barry’s assured and cheery presence. In fact, the most stressful aspect of the 30min process was the 20min chat he was seemingly having at my expense with the data install team at the other end in the UK, tethered via headset over the compact and internet-enabled interface plugged into the bike’s diagnostic port. I kept waiting for them to finally get on with the install, only to find out that it was complete! All was done seamlessly in the background during their chat. We turned the key, let the bike adjust to the new settings at idle, and I rode away.

If you see me on the road, can keep up, and get a sense of how an RT can perform beyond it’s otherwise mild-mannered pre-expectations, you might be heard to exclaim in your own head: “I’ll have what he’s having!”   Michael Gordon, Gibsons BC. 30 year rider and BMW enthusiast.

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