The Fine Print

  • ECU software installation is always done at the motorcycle owner’s sole risk. 
  • While software installation is a simple and safe process and we work to the highest reasonable standards, very rarely problems may occur. 
  • While we know you’ll be thrilled with your bike’s increased performance, we cannot guarantee absolute performance results. Every motorcycle is different, every engine is different. Mileage, wear, deterioration, state of tune, accessories, engine, intake, exhaust or electrical modifications can all affect the results of an ECU remap. 
  • We cannot upgrade a bike that has any other form of ECU or fuel-injection related modification (add-on fuel injection controller, resistor tuning device, aftermarket chip, etc.)
  • We will not upgrade a motorcycle if, in our opinion, it is not a suitable candidate for the process.
  • We generally book our appointments before 10:00 am Pacific time.

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